Knowing how to appreciate beauty is one of the most valuable gifts granted to man. Cranchi’s story is linked to a place where the charm of nature combines with man-made wonders. The first Cranchi boats moved among the splendid villas of Lake Como.
It was here that a boatyard with advanced production lines was set up, where technologically-perfect yachts take shape. Gems of engineering and design, they accompany men and women over the sea, to discover a world that continues to give us wonder and beauty.


Two factories in Lombardy, near Lake Como, real temples of technology. In the fibreglass moulding shop, complex air conditioning systems are able to replenish air, and clean it, 44 times every hour. According to Industry 4.0 principles, skilled technicians cooperate with robots in a rigorous process, every stage of which is planned and verified. Excellence is achieved with rationality and rigour, in the continuous pursuit of absolute quality.


From the day we opened our doors, people have always been vital to us. You can see it everywhere. It’s in the people who can recognise one of our boats with their eyes shut, simply by running a hand over the hull, the deckhouse, or a subtle detail. And in the people who have grown as they have helped us to grow. Even now, when parts of the building process require sophisticated technology and automated construction techniques, these people have remained.

They are the company’s heart and soul, our compass, keeping us on course since 1870.


Some say technology is cold and soulless, exciting only to engineers. But we know that’s not true. If you give it a heart and fill it with passion, then you can make technology talk. Only when it makes people’s lives better, especially at sea, can its true value be celebrated. This is what technology means for us. And we’ll keep striving to improve it, so you reap the benefits.

our plants


Evolution means being willing to always questioning. Breaking patterns and redefining rules. Be visionaries beyond all limits. To evolve is to constantly question things, including yourself. To push boundaries and rewrite the rules. To look into the future and transcend all limits.
Above all, it means never settling for anything, aware that the most fascinating challenge is always the next one. Evolution is now the watchword at our company – as you can see, for the next generation of advanced-construction boats is marked with the letter “E”.


A dream yacht needs a strong design concept, but true excellence can only be achieved when designs are developed in parallel with the owner.

Before construction begins, we sit down with them and listen to what they want. Sometimes for hours on end.

It’s fascinating for us and very reassuring for our clients.

It’s just part of what goes into a Cranchi.

our suppliers

Building superlative boats is not easy. It takes time, patience and courage. Not to mention meticulous attention to detail.

We put the same care into choosing our suppliers, although even then, it’s not enough that their products meet our strict quality standards; we want them to be a bit like us. To share our passion, punctiliousness and drive for perfection; only then do they become part of our family.

And the bigger and better our family, the more our clients can rest assured.


What do the ocean and design have in common? Both are always on the move.

That’s why we’ve added a new member to our design team, a talent that the whole world would love to have on board: Christian Grande. Together we will be exploring new avenues and new forms, challenging the wind, the waves and our own imaginations.

With our feet firmly anchored to the ground, of course, as beauty is worthwhile only if it is useful.

the story of genius and passion